Rick Lovel

Rick would like to send "Many thanks to Dave Catts of the USGS for supplying the tree images used in my insect infestation project, and to the WCS user list and 3D Nature staff for their non-stop patience and support!"

All images are copyright Rick Lovel unless otherwise specified.

Visual Impact Analysis for Forest Health Planning

All GIS inputs: Terrain,USGS - Lake,Id Dept of Water Resources - roadway, Id Dept of Transportation - Forest density, height and species driven by GIS attributes.

Note: Each image has a short description on the large version of the image. Click to see the image and information.

Longmont Colorado

An aerial view of the Longmont Colorado region.

More data about this image coming soon.

Crater Lake

This image is taken from an animation that Rick prepared for his thesis. It is an oblique view of the Hayden region.

Geological Map of Development Area

This image is a slide from a presentation about for the controversial hillside development project. Little Fernan Lake is visible in lower left center above the main lake.

Hillside Development

These images were included in a PowerPoint presentation to local City Council. The subject was a controversial proposed hillside development, request for building variance on 35%+ slope.

"The most interesting thing to me is the use of Spline/bezier curves feature of VNS on this "conceptual road" I punched into the steep hillside. I was thrilled when I first saw it." said Rick.

Note: road grade not to exceed 5%.

Historical Sign

This images is a downsampled image of the fiberglass 3 foot by 2 foot interpretive sign located on US Highway 200 near Sandpoint, Idaho for Missoula Flood project. Paid for by Department of Transportation and others.

RC proudly shows off his sign in place along highway 200.

City of Hayden

This project is a visualization of Hayden. It is located 50 miles south of Sandpoint, Idaho and 5 miles north of Coeur dí Alene.

The first image is what over 4000 walled CAD footprints look like, ( + one big wall on City limits) hence the name walled city (actually view only shows about 60% of the city). Rick ended up digitizing most of the subdivisions in foreground ( ~ 600 houses or so) since the CAD data was way out of date. Note: some houses in the background donít have their roofs mapped, and there are some mobile homes missing in the zoning jpeg.

The second image Hayden Oblique was just created for fun although Rick says he may end up using some of the urban forestry data to vizualize their city owned trees.

The third image or zoning shot is more indicative of what the planner is receiving, and it is also more indicative of the real-time exports.

The fourth image is from the plannersí perspective. This is also a little AOI running from HoneySuckle ave on the South, to a little past Hayden Ave on the North. This area is of particular concern to the client as the N-S street in the center right is called Government Way, and is due for widening. There are also plans to re-zone to some mixed use (basically breaking the commercial up into other designations). US Hwy 95 is the freeway running N-S on the left in image.

Rick notes that, "None of these are mean for photorealism per se, more as planning tools."

Moraine Glacier, ~13,000ya

Pleistocene Epoch Ice Age, Purcell Lobe, Cordilleran Ice Sheet Viewing South, Southeast from over present day Lake Pend Oreille and Sandpoint, Idaho. Glacier area Terraffector created from height and extent data from the Idaho Geological Survey, sitting on top of the NED. Fissures are linear Terraffectors. ClarkFork River Valley blocked by ice dam in upper left, forming Glacial Lake Missoula. Main lobe on right heading south towards Coeur D'Alene Idaho, is where the multiple Jokulhlaup outbursts initiated.

For more on this event of Biblical proportions, visit this site.


Pend Oreille Lake Today

Lake Pend Oreille area present day. National Land Cover Dataset on top of National Elevation Dataset.


Glacier Cutaway

Cutaway TFX glacier view showing the thickness of the ice sheet (~2300ft) over present day Lake Pend Oreille


Carlson Ranch

Rural Agricultural/Forest fringe visualization


Glacial Time Laspse

These images show rough perspective overhead views (North) of the Purcell lobe on bare terrain, then a "today" view with a Landsat5 drape


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