Rob James

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Battle of Nuuanu

Conquering Oahu was the last major obstacle for Kamehameha I to unify all the Hawaiian Islands under one rule. This map describes the movement of his army and the locations of battles, beginning on
the island of Hawaii and concluding with the horrific Battle of Nuuanu on Oahu, where thousands of warriors died, some by being forced over the steep cliffs at the back of Nuuanu valley where they fell hundreds of feet to their death. Although this map was initially created for Rob's own curiosity and education, visualizing history adds an inherent richness and depth to a once textual story.

Rob said, "Others whom I have shared this map with, Hawaiians and non-locals alike, learned from it; not because they have never heard of the
Battle of Nuuanu, but because they have never been able to visualize the geography of the battle."

He continued, "The base image and both insets were rendered in WCS 5.54. An Oahu DLG coastline was modified to better represent the historic coastline of Honolulu. This vector was placed over the 10 meter DEMs as an area Terraffector to control the slope of the submerged
shoreline, creating the lighter near shore waters. Terrain textures were applied using elevation and slope parameters. The “After the Battle” inset used a self-made database of images of native Hawaiian
plants including the kukui, ti, and hau to realistically texture the landscape. Kukui, with their light, bright green leaves, tend to grow only in the areas between ridgelines. Of course, the controls in WCS made accurately placing this ecosystem easy!"

This map won the 2003 National Geographic Society Cartography Contest. Congratulations Rob!

Image copyright Kamehameha Schools Press.

Kauai Hawaii

This is an oblique map of the island of Kauai.

Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea

Night rendering of the saddle between Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii. This image is based off of some 30m land cover data Rob reclassified and used as color maps.

Mauna Loa Nights

Night rendering of Mauna Loa based off of some 30m land cover data Rob reclassified and used as color maps.

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