Nils Sparwasser
German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Nils is a long time user of 3D Nature products. He and his colleagues focus on visualizing data collected by DLR through atmospheric, climate and other research projects.

All images copyright DLR and Nils Sparwasser unless otherwise noted.

Mountains from Space Book

These images are taken from the recently published in the new book Mountains from Space.

“Never before have humans had a sharper image of planet earth. A fleet of modern remote sensing satellites is constantly monitoring the earth’s surface and is gathering invaluable geo-data that helps to understand our environment and to improve our quality of life. Beyond the usual information provided by satellites for scientists, the images taken from space also unveil the glittering beauty of our planet. Aiming at the broad public we intend to show the artistic side of our scientific work at the German Aerospace Centre. Visual Nature Studio is helping us bridge the gap between the rapidly evolving field of remote sensing research and our non-scientific audience. VNS’s ability to handle huge geographical data sets in various projections and to bring them into artistically appealing perspective views is unique.” said Nils Sparwasser, one of the Artists involved in the book.

This book is available from Amazon here

Tour de France 2002

Production for ZDF (biggest German TV television station): Stage 16, "Col du Galibier".

Zoom in on Berlin

Miscellaneous data of satellites with different resolutions.


Zoom in on the Vesuv; NOAA, Landsat for the Bavarian television station)

SRTM First Data!

Visualisation of one of the first SRTM test data sets (within 24 hours after reception). The animations have been used to explain the mission aim to a broader public (over 500 reports in European Television - mostly with our material). The data was broadcasted from the shuttle for test purposes- the animations also have been uploaded from Houston to the shuttle for motivation purposes for the astronauts.

Desiccation of the Atlantic Ocean

Visualization of the mid-ocean ridge. Frames taken from an animation showing sea level falling to expose the ridge. ETOPO-2 data.


This is an early WCS animation using data DMSP and NOAA AVHRR data.

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