Hans Van Der Maarel
Red Geographics

Hans is a long time user of 3D Nature products. He is a graduate of 3D Nature Academy.

Hans is a Certified 3D Nature Reseller.

All images are copyright Hans Van Der Maarel unless otherwise specified.

Po Valley, Northern Italy

This is a project that I've done as a hobby, for my portfolio. It's a panorama of the Po Valley in Northern Italy. The panorama itself was produced in Visual Nature Studio, using ETOPO1 elevation data and the 250 meter TrueMarble satellite imagery.

The camera is situated somewhere over Northern Albania at an elevation of 300km. Vertical exaggeration is 600%, which leads to some pretty wild river courses (look closely to the right of the second E in "Western"). I've tried to enhance the sense of depth by setting up a volumetric atmosphere with haze in the far distance. Also, text labels (which were added in Illustrator) are somewhat hazier as they are further away from the camera.

Vincent Scientific Map

These are small versions of map recently produced for Vincent Scientific. The actual map will be 6-feet wide and will be used in schools in Belgium and The Netherlands.

For the production of this map, VNS was used. A number of render jobs were set up, resulting in hundreds of small tiles. These were then stitched together into a single image and reprojected using Manifold. Additional layers, containing the inland waters, major cities and country boundaries, were also produced. The final step was putting everything together in a single Photoshop document, after which some minor corrections were performed. Due to the resolution demanded by the client (300 dpi), this turned out to be a roughly 21000x10800 image. The final file was 476 Mb in size.

Datasets used for this include the 3D Nature Ultimate Earth collection (main terrain and bathymetry) and Tom Patterson's Natural Earth (Antarctic and Greenland ice caps).


Vincent Scientific Map -Close Up Images

These are outtakes of the large world map that Hans created that show more of the detail that will appear in the final printed map.

Clean Topo

This image is from a small experiment Hans wanted to try. He took Tom Patterson's CleanTopo2 data and imported it into VNS as a terrain. On top of that, he draped NASA's Blue Marble imagery.

Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

This image is a 3D view of downtown Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. Elevation points and elevated building contours are combined with aerial photography. Trees are placed on the correct positions. Software used for this image:
VNS 1, FME (elevating the building contours), Geographic Transformer (reprojecting the photo, although with VNS 2 that's no longer necessary as it supports our RD projection).


This map shows the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. It is produced using both VNS and MAPublisher, with FME in a supporting role.

First the underlying terrain model was constructed, using SRTM data (digital elevation data with a resolution of roughly 90 meters). This was exported as a georeferenced tiff file, which was imported in MAPublisher. There, the vector data layers, taken mostly from the VMAP level 0 dataset was added. In places where the VMAP data was insufficient, additional features were added manually.

Panorama of the Alps

Hans created this image of the northern Alps using GTOPO data in VNS. The text was added later in Illustrator.


Europa 1

Hans created this image of Europe to test the data import capabilities of VNS.

Europa 2

This is another dipiction of Europe.


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