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WCS and VNS Training

WCS and VNS Training and Consultancy

Certified WCS & VNS Trainer with over 10 years training experience offers WCS and VNS training and consultancy services.

Remote project creation and support (component creation, color map creation/editing etc) available by arrangement.

Based in Australia but will travel where necessary, by arrangement.

For more information please contact Adam Hauldren at

Preferred Consultants

Vector One provides GIS and Visualization services internationally. This includes all areas where spatial services are required.

Our abilities include planning and management consulting for GIS within organizations, GIS and visualization services in both urban and rural environments, photo realistic scene re-creation, historical and futuristic mapping as well as linking visualization tools to scientific research for communication purposes. This can include models and presentations as well as GIS analysis.

We publish internationally in several publications and offer publishing services to communicate our clients organizations and solutions.

GIS and visualization also provide the means to provide landscape enriched advertising, supplements for news and wire services and other press, related to the topic of our clients choice. This enables higher levels of readership, interest and extends audience.

We integrate several geo-technologies including GPS, GIS, photogrammetry, remote sensing and visualization. "Your solution is our interest".

Jeff Thurston, MSc.
Vector One
10178 Berlin, Germany
tel. 49(0)2404.9888

WCS and VNS Services

Red Geographics focusses on offering support, training and consultancy services for GIS applications (specifically FME, MAPublisher and Visual Nature Studio) and digital visualisation, both in 2D and 3D environments. This can either be done on-site or from a distance.

We specialize in vector data manipulation (i.e. preparing vector data prior to loading in VNS) and have over 5 years of experience with both FME and MAPublisher.

We strongly believe in the power of geographical data.

Hans van der Maarel
Red Geographics
Zevenbergsepoort 44b
4791 AE Klundert
The Netherlands
phone: +31-168-401035
Consulting in Land Planning - WCS/VNS Visualizations - Italy and Europe

GEOgrafica - digital cartography and virtual terrain simulations offers consulting services in Italy and foreign countries, in land and resource planning, visual impact and environmental impact analisys.

GEOgrafica specializes in:

WCS/VNS Sales and On-Site Support/Technology Transfer
GIS Data Integration with WCS/VNS
Animation and Post-production Services
WCS/VNS/Lightwave 3d 7.5 Integration
Custom and site-specific 3D Object Creation for WCS/VNS Projects
QTVR Authoring
Multimedia Development, with particular expertise in multimedia for environmental purposes
DEM modeling, GIS data acquisition, digital cartography, traditional GIS Analysis, Temathic Mapping
Distance working over Internet available with broad-band connections.

Marco Gualdrini
Phone: +39-0546-680172
Address: via Giovanni da Oriolo 1
48018 Faenza RA
Web Site:

Prepare map data for your WCS projects.

At Delta Aerial Surveys, we offer the following services to get you rendering quickly and painlessly:

  • Create WCS grids from any combination of formats, scales and projections, from contours or DTMs or both.
  • Create clean ecosystem and terrafector linework from most map or GIS data, including advanced manipulations such as polygon overlay and database linkage.
  • Create thematic color maps for ecosystems to speed up rendering and save memory.
  • Mosaic and project aerial and satellite imagery into WCS color maps.
We supply you with WCS v5.54 .proj and .elev files ready to render.
3D Nature's Note: You must own WCS 5.54 or VNS to take advantage of this.

For more information, please contact:
Dave Campanas
Delta Aerial Surveys Ltd.
(604) 275-3505

Consulting Services in Land and Resource Planning

Resource Design Inc. offers international consulting services in land and resource planning with leading expertise in landscape aesthetics.

RDI is a preferred WCS dealer.

    Resource Design Inc. offers:
  • WCS sales with start-up guidance for purchasers
  • Automated terrain and ecosystem construction
  • Custom database structuring
  • Project-based WCS training
  • Project development/collaboration
  • 3-D ecosystem-based spatial planning
  • Landscape Aesthetics projects and training
  • Visual impact assessment
  • Integrated visual design

Ken Fairhurst
Resource Design Inc
Phone: 1-888-338-5676 toll-free Fax: 206-493-2205

All project types welcomed.

If you would like to see some examples of Ken's work, visit Ken Fairhurst' Gallery Page.

Italian Service Center

WCS and VNS training courses, WCS, VNS and Scene Express images and animations setup and rendering, postproduction and publishing of animations.

GEOgrafica offers a wide range of services of computerized territorial representation, that can be effective instruments for planning, technical documentations, multimedia and digital publishing. We use GIS technologies for the recording, the processing and the display of the data, GPS instruments for the original collection of the data and specific modeling photorealistic software like World Costruction Set v.5 for the 3d visualization. Our main target is to assure a precise correspondence between the real world and the generated virtual images.

Marco Gualdrini
Telephone +39-0546-680172 or +39-0328-4354684
To see some of Marco's WCS work visit his WCS Gallery Page.

WCS and VNS For Sale

VNS 2.8 and Scene Express for Sale

Original box, CDs, hardware lock and manual in excellent condition. Need to sell fast. License is transferrable per 3D Nature.

Asking $2500 or best offer. Save at least $500 off this incredible program.

Brian Rogers
(520) 407-6686

For Sale: Visual Nature Studio 2

All books, CDs and hardware key included

Asking price is $2000 or best offer.

Transferable per 3D Nature.

Contact Brad if interested

For Sale: World Construction Set 6

I'm done with my current project requiring WCS 6. Original box with books, CDs and hardware key included

Must sell immediately before leaving on a trip to South America. $375 Or Best Offer.

Transferable per 3D Nature.

Phone: (831) 212-6100

VNS 2 - For Sale

Licensed Version ready to be transferred. First $2000 takes full package including original books, cd's and boxes.

Please contact Doug interested at (248) 627-3238.

For Sale: World Construction Set 6

All books, CDs and hardware key included

Asking price is $400.

Transferable per 3D Nature.

Phone: (702) 338-6178

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